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Author Topic:   what's the harm of atheism?
New Cat's Eye
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Message 13 of 35 (628617)
08-11-2011 11:30 AM
Reply to: Message 11 by CosmicChimp
08-10-2011 9:10 PM

Re: Here is a way that we can possibly get him the help he needs
I don't really have a problem with a picture of a squirrel with a machine gun with the caption: "Die atheists"
But on one of his other threads I saw where he responded to frako and directly threatened him with killing him.
I thought that that was probably illegal and considered responding to Percy that there was some criminal activity on his board and he might want to consider reporting it in some way. I ended up not saying anything though, and now its looking like it wouldn't have mattered anyways.
I think the Montreal police should just go knock on his door, or maybe take him downtown for the afternoon, and inform him that he's being looked into for criminal activity. That might scare him enough to stop, I dunno.
If he does live at his parents house, then that'd at least raise a flag for them too.

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