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Author Topic:   August, 2010, Posts of the Month
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08-16-2010 3:48 PM

When you find a post that is too good to be missed, nominate it here as one of the August, 2010, Posts of the Month (POTM).
You message subtitle should include the author's name and the topic/thread title.
Message Format:
Author: Author's Name
Forum: Forum where posted
Thread: Thread title
Message #: Number and Link to the nominated message
Nominations should include a link to the nominated article, and a short comment on why the message deserves nomination.
Note: As always, this is not a thread for debates. Posts should be limited to nomination, seconds, and acceptance statements by nominees.
{This new version is a half month late and nobody missed it. I guess nobody's posting anything POTM worthy anymore.}

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08-17-2010 10:57 PM

Jar, at "Conservative = Christian?"
Author: Jar
Forum: Coffee House
Thread: Conservative = Christian
Message #: 19
Jar writes:
Today terms like socialist or conservative or liberal or Christian have nothing to do what the terms meant in the past. They have become little more than Buz words, meaningless crap used for driving the emotions of the non-thinking citizenry.
I just don't know what further comment I could make.

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 Message 3 by anglagard, posted 08-17-2010 11:10 PM Minnemooseus has seen this message but not replied

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08-17-2010 11:10 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Minnemooseus
08-17-2010 10:57 PM

Re: Jar, at "Conservative = Christian?"
Seconded, with vehemence.

The idea of the sacred is quite simply one of the most conservative notions in any culture, because it seeks to turn other ideas - uncertainty, progress, change - into crimes.
Salman Rushdie
This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. It is not God who kills the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It’s us. Only us. - the character Rorschach in Watchmen

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 Message 2 by Minnemooseus, posted 08-17-2010 10:57 PM Minnemooseus has seen this message but not replied

Posts: 3946
From: Duluth, Minnesota, U.S. (West end of Lake Superior)
Joined: 11-11-2001

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08-20-2010 2:37 AM

PaulK, at "Is Theistic Evolutionist An Oxymoron?"
Author: PaulK
Forum: Miscellaneous Topics in Creation/Evolution
Thread: Is Theistic Evolutionist An Oxymoron?
Message #: 8
A solid covering of what theistic evolution is.

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08-22-2010 7:34 PM

Rahvin at Obama supports Ground Zero mosque. Religious freedom or is he being too PC?
Author: Rahvin
Forum: Social Issues and Creation/Evolution
Thread: Obama supports Ground Zero mosque. Religious freedom or is he being too PC?
Message #: 75
A spot-on description of why the Constitution exists.
The Constitution[al] rights we all claim to believe in and uphold were not made for the easy decisions. They were not made for the majority. They were made to protect unpopular minorities of faith and opinion. If you cannot build a building representative of an unpopular faith, then religious freedom does not actually exist. Freedom is, by definition, the ability to dissent from the majority, to be different from others.
This is America's biggest failure - the failure to actually stand up for what we say we believe in.
Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Add "PaulK at Obama supports Ground Zero mosque. Religious freedom or is he being too PC?" subtitle.
Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Change POTM credit from PaulK to Rahvin.


Thank you for your submission to Science. Your paper was reviewed by a jury of seventh graders so that they could look for balance and to allow them to make up their own minds. We are sorry to say that they found your paper "bogus," specifically describing the section on the laboratory work "boring." We regret that we will be unable to publish your work at this time.

Minds are like parachutes. Just because you've lost yours doesn't mean you can use mine.

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 Message 6 by bluescat48, posted 08-22-2010 8:13 PM Rrhain has not replied
 Message 7 by cavediver, posted 08-23-2010 3:51 AM Rrhain has not replied

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08-22-2010 8:13 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by Rrhain
08-22-2010 7:34 PM

I second the motion.

There is no better love between 2 people than mutual respect for each other WT Young, 2002
Who gave anyone the authority to call me an authority on anything. WT Young, 1969
Since Evolution is only ~90% correct it should be thrown out and replaced by Creation which has even a lower % of correctness. W T Young, 2008

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 Message 5 by Rrhain, posted 08-22-2010 7:34 PM Rrhain has not replied

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Message 7 of 15 (576173)
08-23-2010 3:51 AM
Reply to: Message 5 by Rrhain
08-22-2010 7:34 PM

Re: PaulK at Obama supports Ground Zero mosque. Religious freedom or is he being too PC?
Add "PaulK at Obama supports Ground Zero mosque..."
You may want to change that to Rahvin - PaulK doesn't have a (written) constitution
{POTM credit changed - And here I thought PaulK was on a run - Adminnemooseus}
Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Add comment.

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 Message 5 by Rrhain, posted 08-22-2010 7:34 PM Rrhain has not replied

Posts: 3946
From: Duluth, Minnesota, U.S. (West end of Lake Superior)
Joined: 11-11-2001

Message 8 of 15 (576271)
08-23-2010 2:34 PM

Jar, at "Creation as Science"
Author: Jar
Forum: Is It Science?
Thread: Creation as Science
Message #: 66
A reply to Archaeologist that stands out in two ways:
1 - It contains relevant quality information presented in a clear and concise fashion (of course, he's mostly quoting one of his earlier messages - Maybe that message got (or should have gotten) a POTM nomination).
2 - It is not like the too many replies to Archaeologist (in that topic and elsewhere) that do not have the qualities stated in (1).
Or something like that.
Bluescat48 also replied to the same message with a brief comment - OK I guess, but definitely not a POTM.
Hotjer also did a longer and rather convoluted reply which may or may not make important points (it's probably way better than any reply I could do, but that's not saying much).
Dr Adequate made a reply to a later Archaeologist message that came close to getting him another suspension.
Minnemooseus (with additional Adminnemooseus comment)
Do NOT reply to the Adminnemooseus content (pretty much everything after point 1), in this topic.

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08-23-2010 5:56 PM

Meldinoor on theistic evolution
Author: Meldinoor
Forum: Creation/Evolution Miscellany
Thread: Is Theistic Evolutionist An Oxymoron?
Message: Message 44
The post very clearly and succinctly answers the Buzsaw objections to theistic evolution.

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 Message 10 by jar, posted 08-23-2010 5:58 PM nwr has seen this message but not replied

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08-23-2010 5:58 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by nwr
08-23-2010 5:56 PM

Re: Meldinoor on theistic evolution

Anyone so limited that they can only spell a word one way is severely handicapped!

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 Message 9 by nwr, posted 08-23-2010 5:56 PM nwr has seen this message but not replied

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08-24-2010 2:00 AM

GDR on what Christianity is really about
Author: GDR
Forum: Miscellaneous Topics in Creation/Evolution
Thread: Is Theistic Evolutionist an oxymoron?
Message #: Message 55
GDR makes a good point about what being a Christian is really about, and addresses the unfortunate hang-up of some fundamentalists on specific doctrines and biblical interpretations.
In response to Buzsaw, GDR writes:
This is the problem I have with your brand of fundamentalism. You seem to feel that the big concern I should have is what happens to me when I die. What you have effectively done is turned Christianity 180 degrees from what Christ intended. You have made it all about me and my salvation.
Christianity at its most basic is about taking the focus off of the self and putting it on God and neighbour. It is about living a life transformed by God and His Holy Spirit in service of His creation, which of course includes our neighbour who has been made in His image.
In my view you have twisted Christ's message, turning it into a magic formula of believing the right stuff so that one can get to live forever. Read Matthew 25 and the separating of the sheep from the goats. It isn't about what you believe it's about the condition of your heart. It’s about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison etc. There is nothing there about believing the right doctrine making you righteous.
I just thought: "spot on".
Edited by Meldinoor, : No reason given.

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Message 12 of 15 (576721)
08-25-2010 11:24 AM

caffeine, at "secularists do not want the truth"
Author: caffeine
Creation/Evolution In The News
Thread: secularists do not want the truth
Message #: Message 43
Brilliant break down of Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosome Adam.
Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Add subtitle.

Your god believes in Unicorns

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08-27-2010 10:14 PM

PostER of the month?
Is it possible to vote for poster of the month, rather than post of the month?
If so, I put my bid in for Nij. Every single one of his posts is extremely well thought out and extremely well written and he just joined on the 20th.
If not a poster of the month award, big ups Nij. You deserve it.

Your god believes in Unicorns

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Message 14 of 15 (578906)
09-03-2010 12:05 AM

Dwise1 Delivers De Mail
Author: dwise1
Forum: Creation/Evolution in the News
Thread: Gamers are your Superiors
Message #: 286
Edited by Omnivorous, : Brandy.

Have you ever been to an American wedding? Where's the vodka? Where's the marinated herring?!
-Gogol Bordello

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 Message 15 by dwise1, posted 09-03-2010 1:34 AM Omnivorous has not replied

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09-03-2010 1:34 AM
Reply to: Message 14 by Omnivorous
09-03-2010 12:05 AM

Re: Dwise1 Delivers De Mail
OK, first -- I am unworthy! I am unworthy! (reference to a barely remembered scene in Wayne's World in the presence of Alice Cooper is fully intended).
Second, I am oh so reminded of so many episodes of The ScreenSavers on TechTV. Those geeks (Lord love them!) would go through that stuff! I remember what Patrick Norton had mounted multiple tera-byte drives in a single PC box and I just sat there geeking out! Then a gaming network, G4, bought them out. Leo LaPorte was the first to go! Every time I go to the Scottish games (Clan Donald, I am! A member of our clan at Loch Prado would visit the Scottish medievel encampment regularly with, "We are the Clan Donald! You will be assimilated! Resistence is futile!"), I see the Utilikilt booth at the Games and remember Patrick Norton! Of course, I also see Leo LaPorte in a kilt starting to spin and then abruptly stopping when the kilt starts flying too high -- lads, there's the old Reader's Digest joke about the British officer in a Highland Regiment (kilted, of course) who is advised by his mother to learn to sit like a lady; one of the things a lady who dances does is to spin-test her skirts, so a lad with a kilt needs to do the same thing.
OK, here's the bottom line. Software is what animates the boxes. But if the hardware is not there, then the software can't do anything!

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 Message 14 by Omnivorous, posted 09-03-2010 12:05 AM Omnivorous has not replied

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