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Author Topic:   Kenneth R. Miller - Finding Darwin's God
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06-13-2010 1:03 PM
Reply to: Message 67 by marc9000
06-09-2010 8:49 PM

And in defending it, all he’s focused on is the evolution, he doesn’t seem to listen to the views from the religious standpoint. That’s understandable if he thinks that science is the only, or main, source of knowledge — that it’s in first place, and religion has to fall in line behind it. I’ll c/p part of what was c/p’d from the book in message #16 of this thread.
I happen to be a theistic evolutionist, that is, I think God created the universe through evolution. I mean every thing in universe, not only life.
I also happen to be convinced that the scientific method, as it has been developed by the concurrence of many scientists, and philosophers since ancient times till present, is the method to be used to gain scientific knowledge. I recommend you to read the Wiki article on scientific method history (History of scientific method - Wikipedia).
And finally, I also happen to be a Christian, primarily because I was born in a culture with Christian tradition, and I feel that it has a meaning for present and future of mankind, not because I take Bible to be the sole book written or inspired by God. By the way, religion is a cultural phenomenon, and one also subject to evolution, like every thing else in human culture.

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From: Near Olot, Spain
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06-14-2010 2:55 PM
Reply to: Message 87 by marc9000
06-13-2010 5:22 PM

I looked at it. But I don’t believe that all those scientists and philosophers from ancient times till present, all combined, have developed an authority that surpasses the authority in the 66 book Bible. And we never have an assurance that today's scientists follow those methods 100% perfectly all the time.
Karl Popper liberated science from the burden of truth. Scientific theories are not true, neither false. They are approximations to truth. Thousands of positive results are not enough to validate any theory for ever. One negative result is sufficient to debunk it. So how can you take science as an authoritative or dogmatic body of knowledge, and establish a concurrence of authority with the Bible? You are comparing nuts with apples.
The core of the difference between your position, and the stand of people that accept science is compatible with faith, like me, is you mix what should not be mixed. Let science do its job, and embrace the religion you think is best to communicate with God, and guide your life.
So you don’t believe the Bible was written by or inspired by God? It would then HAVE to be in a secondary position of authority to the ruling realm of science then, wouldn’t it?
I haven’t said that. In fact I think quite the contrary, that a lot of people are inspired by God. Any man working for the moral advancement of humankind is probably inspired by God.

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