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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Ignorant, stupid or insane? (Or maybe wicked?) (ZenMonkey and Dr Adequate only)
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Faith Verus Fact
I recently had a pair of creationalist's knocking on my door, presented me with leaflets and offered to discuss their view.
I have not got a religious back ground and mainly have the view myself that, everyone has the right to see the world through their own eyes and interpret their own conclusions.
What annoyed me i must admit is as follows:
The leaflet misquoted one of the laws of thermodynamics, in their shortened version, yes evolution is impossible, in the real published physics books, with the full version of the law, evolution is very much possible.
Any proof that exists that contra-indicates the creation theory, simply seems to be dismissed or ignored. Many great minds spent all their lives obtaining these advances in thought and knowledge, and if your going to make a decision on how the world works or if there is a supreme being, why would you not want all of the facts?
One of the questions asked by the two people standing at my door was "Well, how do you explain all the pain and suffering in the world?".
In my mind religion is not the shining example of all goodness that most religious people would like you to believe. Christianity had the crusades, i'd call that war, suffering and pain. Witch hunts in the middle ages and just look at the middle east right now.
Another question they asked "How do you explain all the wonderful variety of life on Earth, without the existence of God?". "Well i'm standing here reading your leaflet, why can't you read up on what your trying to get me to disbelieve? Darwin wrote the ,origin of species, and that pretty much cost him his respect and credibility." I replied.
We have so much evidence, validated fact and proof, on how old the Earth is, how old the universe is, how we evolved, isnt it time that stead fast believers in faith re-evaluated the big picture?
Please don't think I disapprove of people believing in a creator or divine entity, if it allows the individual to lead a more comfortable, secure life, and allows that person to be a better person for the good of all mankind, good luck to you. In that respect I don't know what happens when I eventually die, science cant give any explanations there... thought itself is energy, electrical impulse's in the brain, and the laws of physics state, energy cannot be destroyed, it simply changes location or state... where it goes, who knows?
But this is what it boils down to, personal choice. but when personal choice effects others ability to choose, that's just wrong. The edited laws of thermodynamics (i mentioned earlier), the banning of teaching evolutionary science in some states in the US, does exactly that, and it is unforgivable.
Whilst I don't rest the blame solely on religion, the fear of the unknown, has held back our civilization between 100 - 200 years. the first astronomers were tortured by the inquisition for suggesting other planets existed (before the invention of the telescope). Darwin was shunned for presenting his documented and researched work done in various locations across the world, including the Galapagos islands. People laughed at Columbus when he said the world was round. The list goes on.
Try to have an open mind, process all the information presented by people way smarter than most of us could ever even hope to be. Then just allow everyone to make up their minds on their own... and stop showing up on my door trying to make me believe, what you believe is real, using twisted science, half truths and lies to do so. Find something else to do with your time, get a hobby, go out, do some good in the world.

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