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Author Topic:   Higgs boson, the anti conspiracy boson
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04-26-2008 5:14 AM

A lot of creationists and ID-ists have been resorting to the hit and run variant of argueing against evolution and in very few cases for creation/ID. Recently added to this is a new self proclaimed martership in which the ID'ists and creationists proclaim they are being unfairly singled out and treated badly just because their views are different.
The latest movie "EXPELLED" is a good example of this, any criticism is waved off very quickly, because apparantly scientists are so scared of the movie, they work together in a large conspiracy to delete such criticisms of evolution out of the world.
This tactic works wonders on the public because in some cases they really start believing it. They really start believing that the scientific community is just one big organ with a "nothing new allowed" sign at the primary door.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to show the public otherwise? I was thinking about it and was reading about the Higgs boson. Some may know that it is a highly controversial boson that may or may not be proven to exist in the near future.
The theory behind the boson is already accepted though and is used for calculations in particle physics. Basically, if the boson does not exist and future tests will show this, then particle physics will need an overhaul and a big change in the calculations used. It would be a large change.
Scientists love this kind of challenge though, they are building the biggests accelerators to try and figure this out, seriously simply wanting to find the answer to the question "does it really exist?".
They just all find it amazingly interesting.
And thats how the scientific community works, change is accepted as long as there is scientific back up for it, yet people are starting to think more and more that science is some kind of elite group where you have to think one way only or lose your job.
Do I have a point when I say that the Higgs boson and the ruckus around it is a good way to show people that science aims for explanations of nature and that change is even promoted if it leads to a better more unified explanation.
Appologies for the funky grammar at times.
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Posts: 118
From: Netherlands
Joined: 06-28-2006
Member Rating: 3.0

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04-27-2008 8:22 AM
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Edited, how is it now ?. I tried sending an e-mail because I wasn't sure I knew what CR's really ment, so if they are still there you'll have to tell me what they are

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