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Author Topic:   Homo floresiensis
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11-15-2007 11:35 PM
Reply to: Message 210 by AdminNosy
11-15-2007 11:25 PM

Re: Not so fast Molbio
The title he mentions, "experts split over human hobbit remains." is from a 2004 news story, source, that was carried on abc in australia.
However nothing in that says that they were monkeys. In addition, there has been a lot learned since 2004.

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11-16-2007 12:47 AM
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11-15-2007 11:35 PM

From Jason777's "source"
He said the earhole, palate, pelvis, tibia and femur of the Hobbit were more similar to another type of early human, Australopithecus, than Homo.
If this is the source to which you referred earlier...
Australopithecus is a hominid.
Not a "monkey".

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11-16-2007 7:50 AM
Reply to: Message 208 by Jason777
11-15-2007 10:55 PM

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) title;experts split over human hobbit remains.
How about a link to the article? The main page has no "evolution box" but it does have a search feature.
Searching for {hobbit wrist} takes you to a 21 Sept 2007 article, Wrist gives hobbit theory the flick
The hobbit had wrists more like those of non-human apes than those of modern humans, according to researchers who say their findings are more evidence that Homo floresiensis is a new species.
"The primitive morphology of the LB1 [hobbit specimen] wrist bones confirms what other H. floresiensis traits indicate," says Morwood.
Scientists have been debating since 2004 whether the bones are really those of a new species or a sick modern human.
Morwood himself says there is now a plethora of both published and unpublished work that supports his case.
He says the stature, body proportions, brain size and structure as well as shoulder, pelvis, jaw and teeth of specimens found in the cave all suggest the hobbit is a new species that evolved in isolation on the island.
"In total these traits all indicate that the species is derived from long-term, insular evolution operating on representatives from a very early, small-bodied, small-brained, primitive proportioned hominin dispersal out of Africa," he says.
This doesn't match your claims at all.
Searching for "experts split over human hobbit remains" takes you to a 29 Oct 2004 article which doesn't mention the wrist at all.
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