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Author Topic:   definition of proto feathers ?
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07-26-2007 2:00 PM
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07-26-2007 1:14 PM

Re: Lemme see if I can help
Flight feather:
The Modern Apprentice - Raptor Feathers
These three feathers are Contour feathers. The feather in the middle has been placed on its side to show the real shape of these feathers and the shape that they give to the bird. The two feathers on the outside are flat and come from the wing where they describe a flat surface, but the feather in the middle comes from the bird's chest and so it is rounded describing that chest shape.
The shorter side from the rachis is the leading edge side on the two wing feathers shown. Body feathers can be symetrical.
Symmetrical feathers on the wings would be less efficient, causing more drag on the leading edges.

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