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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   How do you know truth?
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02-06-2003 3:12 PM

(I mean, in the OT, God has to come down to earth a couple of times to find out what is going on, and he is tempted several times. Add to that the fact that he screwed up making the world so bad that he had to kill and destroy every living and non-living thing and start over, it doesn't make one very confident that the God of the Bible is all-knowing and infallible in the least.)
Actually it was the people who were so screwed up, not God. God was so bummed out that his people (whom he gave free will) were doing such horrendous acts. It was not His intention that people behave the way they were.
You should be pleased that God gave everyone free will. He didn't want brain dead automatons to do His bidding, He created people with free will so that they could love Him. Love is nothing unless you are given the choice to do so.

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