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Author Topic:   Bring science to the Bible (Bring science to the Church)
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05-18-2006 2:25 PM

everyone is talking about how religion is slipping into the classroom or how they want us to have all the possibilities of creationism as a science.(I say include all religions, like Hindu, Islam, native american, norse, etc.. but I digress). If Christians are so eager to put their bible up to science as proof of their theory, then I say it is science's duty to go into the bible and prove and disprove anything it can. Experiments are used to prove and disprove evidence in the scientific terms, I believe we should definitively prove or disprove parts of the bible in a controlled manner.
If we find parts that are proven to be incorrect, we, the scientific community, must go into churches who are reading from that part of the bible and tell the practioners gathered there that that part of the bible is not true and should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.
{Comments from Adminnemooseus: I have added the "(Bring science to the Church)" part to the topic title. I have not modified any content in this message itself, but I do think that in some but not all cases "church" should be substituted for "bible". The Bible is a book, an inanimate object, while the church is a collection of believers in the Bible. While I do think this message does have some content glitches, I am going to promote the individual message to become a new topic in the "Education and Creation/Evolution" forum.
The original "Proposed New Topic" is Bring science to the Bible (Bring science to the Church.}

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