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Author Topic:   How do we tell the difference, Ahmad?
Mr. Davies
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Message 52 of 63 (28120)
12-30-2002 12:31 PM
Reply to: Message 48 by forgiven
12-28-2002 11:14 AM

that is fair, mark... so tell me, what is your position on ic and evolution? do you think ic systems can evolve or have evolved?
There is no such thing as an IC system. To say that anything is IC would automatically preclude it from havinf evolved. One of the biggest fallacies is that anny biological system comes into existance fully formed and fully functional. That is not the case. Evolution is more an example of ad hoc and jury rigged systems.
do you agree that a bacterial flagella is an example of an ic system? if so, what is your view on how or why it exists? did it evolve?
I would say that is not an IC system. Why does it exist? It gives the organism an advantage into moving around and about.
For more information of evolution of the flagellum, which is a very old structure, say 100s of millions of years ago, go here: and do a search on Flagellum.
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