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Author Topic:   When were angels created?
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Message 8 of 24 (27997)
12-27-2002 5:56 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by David unfamous
12-26-2002 7:54 AM

What king doesn't have an army?
Saved by an incredible Grace.

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12-30-2002 7:59 AM
Reply to: Message 10 by Mr. Davies
12-28-2002 12:49 AM

Originally posted by Mr. Davies:
An army against what? It wasn't until He made the angels that there became a devil. Why didn't God see this coming?
I'm quite sure God did see this coming.
Does He like strife?
What could this army do for a God who created everything? If God needs an army to defeat His foes, is that because A) He isn't as powerful as He says he is, B) There is more than one god and He needs to fight proxy wars, or C) He's an incomplete being who needs worship, somebody to boss around, or something else?
For one they aren't just an army, also messangers. Who said he NEEDED an army to defeat his foes? There is only one God and only because he loves us does he keep evil from completely destroying us. He is more powerful than you think. God is not trying to boss anyone around, you would like him to I think. If God was bossing people around you could have all the evidence to his existance you wanted.
Saved by an incredible Grace.

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 Message 10 by Mr. Davies, posted 12-28-2002 12:49 AM Mr. Davies has replied

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