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Author Topic:   Roger Clemens is the most evolved Human on the Plant
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01-22-2006 7:53 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by CurveballJesus
01-20-2006 12:35 PM

Lets play ball!
CurveballJesus writes:
Roger Clemens is the ultimate human. He is evolved to the point where he can pass on his 99 mph fastball genes to his son, Coby, who is now in the Astro's minor league system.
1) How do you want to proceed with your argument? Do you wish to present this as evidence of natural selection? If so, you need to rephrase your opening post to reflect your position.
2) Once you edit your post to make it clearer, (Push EDIT button to reword your post) tell us which forum that you want your topic to fit with.
Make your changes by January 31 at the latest.
Welcome to EvC by the way!
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These are the rules.

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01-29-2006 3:35 AM

Thread moved here from the Proposed New Topics forum.

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