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Author Topic:   When were angels created?
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12-27-2002 6:02 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by Coragyps
12-27-2002 5:22 PM

MLK, with the proper vowels; 'Malak' means messenger, it has the same spelling as the Hebrew word for king, 'MeLeK' (No, not milk) The term we use today 'angel' does not equate to 'Malak'. The Hebrew usage of the same symbols MLK are used in the numeric form 40+30+100=
170. Therefore because the word is the same, and its' number is the same, we can state that the words King and Messenger are equal in level. One who speaks with the legal authoriy of another is a messenger. In some cases,in the texts these messengers were men. How 'bout if we examine the possibility that given the fact that ancient kings believed themselves to be Gods, or the sons of gods, the Hebrew use of the words king and messenger, being the same; it was written without vowels, then these things have a reality to them and not just some imaginable mythologicality (what a word! try saying that three times as fast as you can). and just because there have been different names placed upon that which is, does not mean we should belittle any of them. If we believe in a higher level of ourselves that is attainable, then why is it so hard to see that there are forces which we do not understand that are part of everything too. We have to also make a solid argument that these forces had a cause and somewhere that had an origin of causes. It gets to deep. Suffice it to say, Those forces work in concert, in order for all to remain in this universe. Thereby they are in fact One Unity, All that is, all that is not and all that joins them is one, both on the inside, the outside and the in between. I have just given a message to you, am I a king,or just speaking for one? Shalom
If not us,who; and if not now,when?

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