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Author Topic:   Kenneth R. Miller - Finding Darwin's God
Mr. Davies
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Message 24 of 94 (27986)
12-27-2002 2:53 PM
Reply to: Message 21 by forgiven
12-14-2002 9:33 AM

snip arrogance:
how is "ignorant and superstitious dogma" defined?
Ignorant is when a person does not know something and is forgivable. It is "Willfull ignorance" that gauls me.
When a person believes something is true despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of a supernatural component, that would be the start of superstitious dogma.
If I were to go to location where the natives fear Gyro, the Lord of the spining wheel and forbade me to use a bike, a car, or basically anything with wheels I'd consider that superstitious dogma. It would be ignorant superstitious dogma if they had never seen Gyro or a wheel, and it would willfully ignorant if I broke their tradition, rode a bike and they averted their eyes like nothing ever happened.
when a person acts as if all who hold opposing views is moronic, it's usually a good indication of a shallow thinker
If it is an instant dislike, I would agree with you. For me however, I have seen many religions in action for long enough. I've concluded the only differnce, again to me at least, between the superstitious tribe who venerate Gyro and those that worship another diety is where they live.
How many times people are told that it is their divine right for this or that. Hell, today we hear Bush going on about "With God's help, we'll kill the terrorists". Well to terrorists and their supporters, their God already helped them strike a blow for their cause. I would also dare say that to them the reason Osama has not been captured or killed is because of divine favor. I don't agree with them at all but I can't disprove it to them either. They have their God and boy are they right.
If a person wants to believe in a diety that supports love, harmony, peace, and other good qualities, I have no problem with that at all. Too many times though it's not the God that's the problem but those who just know how to worship the one true God. Why they feel a need to shove their ideas down my throat, I just don't know. Just don't invoke your diety to say that your country, state, community, household is better. When a person states with great conviction that there's a higher law than the law of the land that'll you follow, it's time for him to move. I care nothing for theologies and will not live peacefully in one.
When all else fails, check the manual

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