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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   All in the Family - Guest star: Neanderthal
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01-11-2006 2:38 PM
Reply to: Message 70 by randman
01-11-2006 1:43 PM

Re: It's not the Neanderthals I'm worried about...
my understanding is Neanderthals had larger brains and a side view limits some aspects as well
Larger by volume, but not up/down height. A side view of the skull is actually better to evaluate the Neanderthal size. However, with the flesh on, it's pretty hard to make anything out.
The basic problem is we could find 3 people today, line them up, dress them funny, one shaven and another not, and create a similar line-up.
Of the first two, certainly. Of the Neanderthal? I dunno know. There are a lot of people out there, some pretty weird looking, but no forehead, no chin is a tricky find.

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 Message 70 by randman, posted 01-11-2006 1:43 PM randman has not replied

Member (Idle past 2601 days)
Posts: 2965
From: Los Angeles, CA USA
Joined: 08-09-2005

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01-11-2006 2:44 PM
Reply to: Message 69 by randman
01-11-2006 1:40 PM

Re: Back to my earlier question
Because evos look at things differently, I don't think they are going to call Homo Erectus the same species, but I have no problem with that, or perhaps species is not the best term.
Yeah, we're a little limited by our vocabulary here. The real definition of species may not suit us well.
My overall point is this -
If we consider a group ranging from H. Erectus to Neanderthals to H. Sapiens as a collection which we consider "varitions on a theme" (since "species" isn't really suitable), then there is a theoretical perfectly average individual. A mid-point of the group, whose features are equadistant from all versions.
Sort of like a Chocolate Lab standing amoung a wide ranging group of dogs.

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 Message 69 by randman, posted 01-11-2006 1:40 PM randman has not replied

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