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Author Topic:   All in the Family - Guest star: Neanderthal
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01-07-2006 2:25 AM

On a recent thread, a bit of a side debate broke out about whether or not Neanderthals are a sub-species or a seperate species. Then a second debate broke out about which person in the original debate would start a new thread about the subject.
I decided to step in -
Neanderthals have been described a number of different ways since their discovery - ranging from brutish cavemen to someone you wouldn't look twice at on the street.
Neanderthals were amazingly successful during the Ice Age, and were very well adapted to their enviornment. It's currently believed that they decended from Homo Erectus populations which dispersed after the first out-of-Africa migration. (Making them something akin to brothers to Java-man and Peking-man, which also decended out of that migration.)
Meanwhile, the populations remaining in Africa produced us.
During the second out-of-Africa migration, we came into direct competetion with Neanderthals. In some places, both groups lived side by side for extended periods. But, more often than not, humans moved in and Neanderthals disappeared.
So, what happened to them? Did we wipe them out? Did we simply out compete them? Did we intermarry and breed them out?
Let's hear what people think and why they think it.

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01-07-2006 9:29 AM

Thread copied to the All in the Family - Guest star: Neanderthal thread in the Human Origins forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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