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Author Topic:   Pesky Starlight
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12-13-2002 10:35 PM
Reply to: Message 31 by Brad McFall
12-12-2002 4:23 PM

Originally posted by Brad McFall:
This is not my "area of expertise" but on reading how Wolfram deals operationally with 'complexity' I am developing his "intuition" (which I-time think subjectively is an 'impression' only) but that Choas "theory" with or without Wolfram is at an ebb. I am begining to "see" in the Solar System that problem I had with dual writings of the word "chaos". I used to be able to only do this with words biological, such as "kidney".
I Wonder if there is not some catastrophe set tiling that can be overlayed EXPANDING from the Mars Rift Vent out of the Asteriod belt and thru the Saturn rings that Turns TWO ways in jupiter such that twists occur for venus all the way to a virial calcualtion for the stom on Neptune that in fact was the space of seperation of Pluto from it's "companion" and connotes any Newton Comet. That is the "physiolognomy" of the system I may be able to show is topographically the peak of the indepenendt (not tied to topology) use of Chaos numerology. It is only a guess and would have to be in line with Feigenbaum which work I have not attempted to parrallel in significant detail.

i gotta admit you leave me in the dust but i do enjoy your posts... i'd sure be happy if i could reply to one every now and then, but i can't see any possibility of that

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12-21-2002 10:00 AM
Reply to: Message 34 by Brad McFall
12-19-2002 10:02 PM


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