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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   What would it take?

Message 15 of 49 (26174)
12-10-2002 7:41 AM
Reply to: Message 11 by David unfamous
12-10-2002 5:27 AM

Hello David,
You said:
Your tornado and junkyard have absolutely no parallel with life and the universe.
I say:
Wrong! The parallel was one of probabilities, which is obviously not your field.
You say:
Just as the order of life and the universe can be explained through natural processes, your car can only exist through unnatural processes.
I say:
Really? This should be good! Many, many people are waiting to hear your version of how a swirling dust ball can collapse on itself into a molten rock and very shortly thereafter produce life. But I digress; perhaps your forthcoming "explanation" will not be scientific at all.
You say:
It's a pointless and irrelevant analogy.
I say:
Again, it wasn't pointless NOR irrelevant; it was an analogy which begs you to delve into the finer points of statistical analysis, information theory, probabilities, et al. The only thing pointless and irrelevant was your bunk knee jerk reaction to the obvious. That is, unless you had some other definition of "pointless" AND "irrelevant" in mind? Love to hear your subjective definitions of the aforementioned words...
You say:
As for the deformed babies thing, you seem to be suggesting that deformed babies are designed by God on purpose, or badly designed at least.
I say:
Deformed babies are clear facts AGAINST evolution in yet another example that mutations are bad, bad, bad... as in, opposite of evolution? Kinda like the Fruit Fly experiment...Talk about arguments from utter ignorance; would you be one of those evos who "believe" in vestiges? Which vestigal organs do you "believe" you are in possession of? Inquiring minds want to know.
In closing, it is one thing to respect another man's faith, but quite another to respect his lack of faith. Therefore, if you wish to believe in abiogenesis, panspermia, or whatever's the clever "scientific" belief of the day, fine; just don't go tossing around YOUR belief as the end of God. It is quite bigoted.

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