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Author Topic:   Evolutionary history of ATP
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06-15-2005 6:15 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Matt P
06-10-2005 3:54 PM

I hate to do this but...
What was the first use of ATP in life? Was it in metabolism or as a nucleic acid construction molecule?
Nobody knows.
There was once a camp of scientists that believed that life started twice.
The first kind of life was metabolism and the other was replication.
Somehow these two forms of life evolved at different times at different places and somehow they came together.
ATP, ADP, AMP, GMP, GDP, GTP, CTP, CDP, CMP could have all been doing different things all at the same time from the very beginning, but like I said, no one knows.
All the nucleosides can be phosphorylated and they all do different things.
You'll find that most biomolecules that perform some function are simply analogs to other biomolecules that perform yet another function.
RNA-dominated replication
Followed by
ATP as energy currency
Followed by
DNA-dominated replication
This is about as plausible as any hypothetical scenario that anyone has dreamt up so far.

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