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Author Topic:   When did God curse us to hell?
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03-07-2005 3:06 PM

In Genesis, per the advice of the serpent (no mention of Satan is made), Adam and Eve eat of the fruit. God then curses Adam, stating that he will toil until he returns to the dust from which he was made. God then kicks Adam and Eve out of the garden less they eat of another tree and live forever.
Not until several thousand years later do we see (in the NT) that God now expects us to live after death in the Heavens or Hell.
My questions:
Where in the Old Testament does God explicitly curse us to Hell?
Why would God want us to live forever (as an extension to our mortal bodies) with him in Heaven if he did not want Adam to live forever? It appears that Adam was mortal, had no soul, and only lived by the breath of God.

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