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Author Topic:   Is our favorite creationist (desdamona) back?
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02-28-2005 4:25 PM

I just received an email from peddler about the reference to a flat earth in the bible. Here is part of his/her email.
A circle is round according to my understanding.
Your obvious hatred for people of faith shows you are a zealot for your own.
A person without bias would assume someone siting on the circle of the earth would indicate it was round.
Why it is necessary to attack the other person and try to win arguments with intimidation ?
Evolution is so bankrupt it has nothing else to fight with.
Almost the exact same words were used when I talked with desdamona a while back. As some of you may recall, desdamona tried to say circle = round = sphere. I spent about 6 posts trying to explain that a circle is a 2 dimensional object and can never be reguarded as a sphere, but she kept on insisting that since a circle is round and a sphere is round it must have been the case that a circle is the same thing as a sphere.
Anyhow, can someone check the ip?

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02-28-2005 4:40 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by coffee_addict
02-28-2005 4:25 PM

Unless Des has moved they do not appear to be the same person. Des still has an active account here so there's no real reason for a different name. Closing this one down.

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 Message 1 by coffee_addict, posted 02-28-2005 4:25 PM coffee_addict has not replied

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