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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   looks like we lost TheClashFan
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12-08-2004 2:02 PM
Reply to: Message 6 by Phat
12-08-2004 1:27 PM

Re: Tee hee hee
You are on shaky ground when you trust human created technology more than human intuition and experience.
No, you aren't. You are on excellent ground. Which, for instance, is a better record of an event, a clear video tape or the flawed perceptions and memories of witnesses? The technological record is obviously better.
Sure, and if you did not "believe" in gravity, you would float!
Your sarcasm here is well taken. You clearly illustrate that we, as humans, can believe in anything we want (like god, angels, or demons) as strongly as we want and that won't change the way the universe actually works.

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