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Author Topic:   Thermodynamics, Abiogenesis and Evolution
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Message 25 of 128 (99754)
04-13-2004 8:03 PM

DNA, why don't you try and clarify your position rather than continually claiming that you are being misreprersented? Deja vu?
Do you assert that abiogenesis is impossible because of the 2LOT? Or do you assert that any proposed mechanism for abiogenesis must be consistent with the 2LOT?
"poses a problem" is rather vague.

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Message 41 of 128 (99817)
04-13-2004 11:32 PM
Reply to: Message 26 by DNAunion
04-13-2004 8:09 PM

So DNA, after pruning the insults and derision, you are basically saying: abiogenesis must include a mechanism which is compatible with the constraints imposed by the 2LOT. So what? Has anyone asserted to the contrary here?
It seems that some here may have mistaken DNA's argument for the erroneous creationist bleat that evolution/abiogenesis is contrary to the 2LOT. DNA's point is different, but trivial from a scientific perspective because an abiogenesis researcher would not seriously propose a mechanism for abiogenesis which contradicts the 2LOT and would need to .

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 Message 26 by DNAunion, posted 04-13-2004 8:09 PM DNAunion has not replied

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04-14-2004 8:39 PM

Let's take the venom out of the thread and relook at DNA's opening assertions in message #2
DNA writes:
The second law of thermodynamics poses no problem at all for evolution: abiogenesis is a different story.
This is one source of confusion over what DNA's position is. Many seem to have misinterpreted the above to mean that the 2LOT presents an insurmountable problem for abiogenesis which cannot be solved in principle. This is the typical creationist bleat. DNA only means the much weaker, and accurate, assertion that the 2LOT is a constraint imposed on any credible mechanism for abiogenesis. As some have already remarked: so what?
Actually the original assertion is somewhat inaccurate. The 2LOT also poses a problem for evolution. However the mechanism for overcoming this problem is known: the capture of solar, geothermal or chemical energy by biochemical processes. So, the 2LOT posed a problem for the theory of evolution which has been solved.
Equally, homochirality of biological amino acids poses a problem for abiogenesis. And homochirality of biological carbohydrates poses a problem for abiogenesis.
Any credible mechanism for abiogenesis must address all of these issues and more. Nothing new in that.
Maybe the storm in the teacup can now subside.

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