Picture of the Month

Hubble Image of Nebula NGC 3603

The Hubble Space Telescope has taken literally thousands of images of the cosmos. This one example shows a beautiful nebula name NGC 3603 that is about 20 thousand light years away. The stars within this massive cluster have varying masses but very similar ages, allowing astronomers to conduct detailed analysis of several types of stars at different stages in their lives. By comparing this cluster of stars with other clusters in the galaxy at different ages, astronomers have been able to determine the changes in properties, such as temperature and brightness, the stars go through as they age.

The currently accepted ages of the stars among astronomers are millions to billions of years old. Among creationists, however, the creation of the universe, which include the stars, only happened 6 thousand years ago.

Is the universe billions and billions of years old or is it only 6 thousand years old as is claimed by biblical creationists? Do current dating techniques of these stars used by astronomers accurately portray their real ages?

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