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Getting Started

Here's just a few things to help get you started:

  • You must first register, a simple process taking less than a minute. Register by clicking here.

  • There are a number of forums, and you can see them listed in the navigation bar at left under The Forums. Forum topics range from the main topic of Evolution to the many subtopics like Faith and Belief, Origin of Life and Geology and the Great Flood. Other forums are available for books, information, suggestions, announcements, practicing and discussion on any topic.

  • It's easy to insert graphical smilie images, just use the correct symbol from the Smilies Legend. For example, ":)" is , while ":cool:" is .

  • It's easy to jazz up those posts with HTML. Here's a Simple HTML Reference, and I'm working on a shorter and simpler one.

  • This message board includes its own small subset of HTML capabilities in a set of UBB codes. See the Simple UBB Code Reference.

  • There's a forum called Practice Makes Perfect where you can experiment with smilies, HTML, UBB and anything else you wish to your heart's desire.

  • When posting or editing messages, there's a Preview button that shows exactly how your message will look when it is posted. Preview is also useful for experimentation since nothing is actually posted until you click the Submit Reply button.

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